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The outbreak occurred at a school in the city of Tarapoto when dozens of students began having violent convulsions.Some of the students subsequently fainted while others emitted haunting wails and shrieks that are truly chilling.For those who have not seen Pedals in action before, the sight is both breathtaking and bewildering as the animals seemingly walks with ease on its hind legs and covers a tremendous distance.Were it not certain that the creature was a bonafide bear, skeptical observers would be inclined to insist that Pedals was simply a man in a suit based on how it walks.

But perhaps most unnerving is that many of the stricken students reported visions of being stalked by an eerie bearded man in black that wished to strangle them.Fortunately the children appear to be recovering from the episode with no serious injuries although medical officials in Peru are puzzled by what may have caused the event.Wildlife officials explained that the bipedal nature of the bear was due to injuries it sustained to its front paws, leading many to worry that it might not survive the winter, especially since the last sighting happened in December.Thankfully the lack of Pedals sightings over the last few months appear to have been due to the creature hibernating as new footage has emerged of the animal enjoying a leisurely stroll along a trail near a golf course.Businesses, big or small demands a reliable and consistent internet connectivity to run their mission critical & everyday operations.

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