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Just before the Holidays, a beloved and respected member of the Boston area ethnic community passed away.He was a virtuoso musician, the oldest brother in a family of Armenian traditional musicians, who played in clubs in and around Boston, Las Vegas, and California.Our packaging suite approach enables us adjust our pricing to the requirements of the item to be packaged.Fire and Embers Recently, I had a poignant, sad, joyful and profound experience.Visitors and residents in Exeter High Street being asked questions is nothing new but this is a little older than "do you get this catalogue" or "can I have a moment of your time to fill in this questionnaire".

Packaging Group is a multi-functional custom contract packager/co-packer located in Michigan City, IN., 60 miles from Downtown Chicago.Our multiple contract packaging "Suites" enable us to provide an usually broad range of services, from FDA Re-packaging and Cosmetic Packaging to Industrial packaging.I’m still working on processing the whole thing, through a range of emotions which are still startling me with their depth.It’s painful for me to think about, to process, and difficult to write…but I feel that IThe circumstances and story are SO expedient, and SO important for us, as Middle Eastern dance artists, to think about and understand.I’ve attended enough funerals and memorials for those I love ( and so have they) so my face crumples and the waterworks start in earnest the second someone’s eyes water, or a voice cracks.

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But there’s strength in numbers, so we walked into the beautiful church hall together…and into a timeless space.) The warmth and beauty of the decorations, the delicious aroma of Armenian food permeating the air, and the familiar sound of treasured songs from our past rolling from the twelve musicians onstage made us feel instantly welcome, although we knew only a handful out of the two hundred and sixty relatives and friends gathered there.

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