Who is ashley parker angel dating

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Who is ashley parker angel dating

After four years of growing success, the five-man boyband decided to part ways.

That didn't mark the end for Ashley Parker Angel, however, who went on to star in another MTV reality show, .

" So of course I was elated when, a few years later, this opportunity came my way. In 2007 you joined the cast of on Broadway as Link Larkin. But what happened was I got this audition for , flew out to Las Vegas, and my career ended up going this whole other direction.

I kind of ended up falling backwards into the music industry.

I had one of those experiences where, after the curtain drops, I was just glued to my seat. From that moment I was like, it would be so incredible to be in this show someday.

Quite a few people had already said to me, "God you’d be the perfect Fiyero! As a teenager, I joined a small acting studio and I would have loved to have gone forward with that.

We caught up with him recently to ask our 10 most burning questions.

After chatting about his new role, discussion turned to his decision not to take part in O-Town's reunion, his hopes for the future, and those underwear photographs he's been sharing (not that we mind).

The very first opportunity I got -- I had lost my voice that night or something and my understudy had to go on -- I bought a ticket to see .I was always passionate about music -- my mom was a piano teacher, I grew up singing, my dad was a drummer in a band, I learned how to play guitar -- it was kind of the perfect opportunity for me, but it wasn’t something I was expecting.Then, of course, right after O-Town, MTV approached me with this idea of doing a television series about a member of a boyband that went solo [], and then that ended up keeping me busy.But through all that time, I had an agent and was going to auditions when I was available. I would book projects in the acting world that I couldn’t do.His Broadway debut was met with critical acclaim, leading to a much longer run than initially expected.

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After dabbling in television and film, Angel is set to return to the stage as Fiyero Tigelaar in the national tour of .

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