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Who is hannah ware dating

Her mix of pop and electronic soul, combined with her sophisticated eighties-inspired look and feel, has just bagged her a prestigious Mercury Music Prize nomination for her debut album Devotion.That’s not forgetting her other two award nominations – she has been shortlisted for the MOBOs best female and best newcomer of 2012 – with the former category pitting her against the likes of Jessie J, Emeli Sande and Rita Ora.It’s just a real acknowledgment of celebrating the album. Through profuse giggles Jessie manages to tell me about a recent incident when she was getting off the tube in Brixton and a guy said to her ‘Has anyone ever told you that you look just like Jessie Ware?

Jessie has also talked in the past about wanting to be a “private popstar” like some of her eighties idols, such as Annie Lennox, and her chum Adele.Jessie, a South Londoner born and bred, is trying hard to ‘keep it all real’, when she meets me on a cold rainy Monday morning down the road from her house in a lovely independent café snuggled in Brixton market.“I feel like I am on the threshold of a lot of things right now,” she tells me excitedly.Jessie Ware is on the edge: the edge of mainstream fame, success and establishment in the British cultural psyche.The 27 year-old singer songwriter is fast becoming South London’s newest diva.

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