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When he's not out looking for the big wave, there's a big story that has consumed Stephen Baxter, a reporter for the Santa Cruz Sentinel and a "48 Hours" consultant: the mysterious death of Google executive Forrest Hayes at the city's sprawling marina."Forrest Hayes was ... He lived in a pretty upper crust neighborhood," Baxter told "48 Hours." "He was a pretty high powered guy and ...obviously had a lot of assets; he lives in a million house in Santa Cruz."In 2013, one of the boats docked in Santa Cruz Harbor was the majestic 46-foot-long yacht called "Escape." It belonged to Hayes.

He's an investigative reporter for The Daily Beast, in New York, and also a "48 Hours" consultant. he was practical and imaginative at the same time," Daly said. at the Ford Motor Company as a manager, he went to California for Sun Microsystems and he went on to Apple..."Hayes then went on to Google for a high-paying job at their top-secret location, where impossible dreams are transformed into reality. to work in Google X, which they call their 'moonshot factory.' As in, you know, the most extreme, wildest, imaginative, farthest reaching ideas they could have.Not surprisingly, the tech exec outfitted his boat with some of the most expensive tech gear out there -- about 0,000 worth, including a sophisticated security system complete with high-def cameras.Inside, Hayes spared no expense on creature comforts, including a leather ceiling and a ,000 captain's chair.She was a young and exotic dark haired woman covered with very distinctive tattoos. "Obviously, the police in this case were trying to keep that under wraps as they investigated."Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Steve Clark has been on this case since day one."The media's gonna want to know right off the bat.'Who is it? Building the case wasn't easy -- despite some initial crime scene clues. But he's going along with it," said Clark."And what happens then? by patting him on the face and talking to him, holding his head as he slumped forward on the chair."And you or I, if we found ourselves in that situation, would've been on the phone to 911, sayin', 'Oh, my gosh. We need help.' And she does none of that," Clark continued.And she would be the last person to see Forrest Hayes alive."On the night of November 22, 2013 ... "There were two wine glasses there, both which appeared to have been used," said Clark Investigators zeroed in on Hayes' cell phone, launching an exhaustive digital search. Hayes had a profile page on a dating website, called Seeking " Maher asked."Almost immediately, he starts to go into distress," Clark explained. Instead, Clark says the video shows the woman trying to remove any evidence that she was ever there -- wiping fingerprints and cleaning up her drug paraphernalia."While he's slumped over on the floor?

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...there was indeed video that was uploaded to a cloud server. stepping over him, grabbing her glass of wine, carrying it around the boat cabin with her," said Clark. The wealthy Google executive found the exotic model in a somewhat secret world, where real names are rarely used.

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