Who is kevjumba dating choice dating finding god in way

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Who is kevjumba dating

UPDATE: As you can see, if you try watching the video above, which originally went to a video Nicole made responding to Matt, you'll see that it's been privated. But there are some direct contradictions between the two videos, which means that one of them had to be lying because there is only one truth in this.

And luckily, an AWESOME You Tuber named Grade AUnder A was able to sort everything out and prove WHICH ONE was lying.

:)One of my most favorite You Tubers that I'm subscribed to is Matthew Santoro.

He's a fun, quirky guy that uploads every week about some fun facts and myths about specific topics.

You can hear about the story by watching this video with You Tuber Rob Dyke (good friend of Matthew's) being interviewed.

That was uploaded on September 9, 2015 and three days after that, Matthew filmed his own video explaining what happened.

He accidentally made the video public on January 10, 2016 and made it private again.

And because of that video, he's gaining subscribers fast.When he first uploaded that on January 16, he had about 600,000+ subscribers.Before we begin, let me assure you that this drama post is something I'm only doing once.I'll be back with my regular movie and TV posts soon.He currently has over 5 million subscribers and for a while, he dated Nicole Arbour, another "comedian" with 300,000 subscribers on You Tube.

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But several months ago (last year), it was revealed that Nicole Arbour PHYSICALLY ABUSED Matthew Santoro.

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