Windows media woithout validating

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Windows media woithout validating

Notification is the component that will turn your desktop background black and place a watermark in the bottom right saying your Windows is not genuine.

You will also have a system tray icon pointing you to the web and the “virtues” of owning a legitimate copy of Windows.

Have you ever been in the annoying situation that you try to update your Windows XP using Microsoft Update only to discover that for some reason it’s not classing your Windows as genuine?

It’s not really clear how or why this can happen, but is likely to be one of the WGA files that has got corrupted.

In XP that protection is called Windows Genuine Advantage and gets downloaded during a Windows Update session.

I’ve seen it once or twice over the years and it really scares people who don’t know about Windows Genuine Advantage because they think they’ve been sold a pirated Windows!

Some people would just go online and search for the latest WGA crack, but there’s another more complete solution.

WGA Validation is the component that will install when you go to Windows / Microsoft Update.

If your install fails validation, this will stop you updating a number of different updates including non critical ones like Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Defender and Security Essentials.

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Additionally, mu Blinder allows you to get rid of those nagging popups if you have installed the Genuine Windows Notification update and are experiencing problems with it not identifying your Windows as genuine.

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